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"What really turned me over as a member of Trainers circle were the fellow members and the willingness to work coherently to raise the bar in training."
Mina Makam
Trainers Circle Member

Excellence in Training

We are a group of Trainers who believe in Certification of ourselves as Trainers and of the Training-Programs that we conduct.  Our strength keeps going up every month

We believe in every word mentioned in our Pledge, which helps and reminds all Members of TRAINERS CIRCLE that s/he shall conduct oneself in a manner that projects credibility to the person, to TRAINERS CIRCLE and to the Training profession as a whole.

We also believe that we Trainers have to exhibit professionalism by moving away from Telling / Advising / Sharing / Preaching / Evangelizing / Public-Speaking / Lecturing / Teaching to TRAINING / FACILITATION

our Objectives

  • Being a Professional Body of Trainers to provide and project the required status of Trainers in the Training segment
  • Bringing respectability to the Training profession by setting standards for becoming professionally Certified Trainers, for getting certification for Training conducted etc
  • Empowering those who are passionate about Training, including Trainers and Aspiring Trainers on various topics, so that they could help others in the country through training, facilitating, consulting, counseling, coaching, mentoring and so on
  • Providing access to and arranging seminars conducted by national and international experts on topics that would be useful for Trainers
  • Having regular formal meetings for mutual sharing and learning
  • Communicating Training topics / sharing thoughts / updating on the latest happenings in the Training field by means of websites / mails / social-media / books / articles / write-ups
  • Involving Students where necessary for the propagation of knowledge and skills through Training
  • To make representations to the local, state or union authorities on matters, to mobilize grants and support for the uplift of the Training profession in India and abroad
  • To represent with various government and non-government authorities as a single entity on behalf of the Members in the matters affecting the interest of the Members in general

To collect annual / monthly / ad-hoc / lump-sum subscription from Members and donation / sponsorship from non-members for attainment of all or one of the objectives set forth in the Memorandum


Members known in the industry by this standard.


  • I shall indicate correctly my qualifications, experience and the Certifications received from TRAINERS CIRCLE and from elsewhere
  • I shall allow another deserving Member of TRAINERS CIRCLE to replace my involvement whenever some aspect of my credentials is not meeting the customer’s requirements
  • I shall honour all commitments that I make on behalf of TRAINERS CIRCLE.  In case of personal issues or emergencies I shall own my responsibility to make alternative arrangements and shall keep TRAINERS CIRCLE informed about the change
  • I shall design my Training based on the training-need agreed with the Customer



  • I shall keep reminding myself that Training is not sharing experience / that I am not a Teacher but a Facilitator / that some of the participants could be more knowledgeable or skillful than me
  • I shall add tremendous value to the participants by ensuring that the Training is 100% relevant to them
  • I shall provide examples / anecdotes / stories in a manner the knowledge / skill can be acquired by the participants
  • I shall completely focus on Training delivery and shall not do any form of business development in the training-hall



  • I shall maintain confidentiality of any information provided by the Customer and prevent any legal complications for self and for TRAINERS CIRCLE
  • I shall continue to represent and project TRAINERS CIRCLE during post-training support activities
  • I shall continue the relationship with the Customer only through TRAINERS CIRCLE in case there is a requirement for further business



  • I shall project TRAINERS CIRCLE as a Resource Pool much larger than me as an individual Member
  • I shall not discuss / even express my viewpoints on topics related to politics / religion / caste / language etc that have the potential for others to create ill-will towards the member or TRAINERS CIRCLE
  • I shall quickly solve disputes if any / shall involve the Exec Committee of TRAINERS CIRCLE if necessary / shall abide by any decision of the Exec Committee
  • I shall refer any other Member to any Customer only through TRAINERS CIRCLE and not directly / without by-passing
  • I am aware that TRAINERS CIRCLE is a Professional body of Trainers by Trainers for Trainers / shall always keep in mind the reputation and interests of TRAINERS CIRCLE and act accordingly

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