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Membership as per details below, is subject to Approval by the Executive Committee:

Life Member

Trainer / Aspiring-Trainer above 25yrs

INR 5,000

Associate Member

Teaching Faculty / College Students

INR 1,000

Student Member

Trainer / Aspiring-Trainer upto 25yrs

INR 2,000

Institutional Member

Up to 4 Trainers

INR 10,000

Patron Member

Major contributor to TRAINERS CIRCLE

INR 50,000



To provide Professional Certification for Trainers-Circle-Members in soft-skills-training in the different segments / areas that s/he is operating in

Training Industry Segmentation

The Members of TRAINERS CIRCLE address different segments in the training industry. Since each segment / area require different level of expertise, the classification becomes important.

After the classification has been done, the levels of expertise that is required and to be certified in Trainers have been suggested.

It may not be apt for TRAINERS CIRCLE to certify the Members as Basic / Master like in NLP, irrespective of the training-segment. Also, TRAINERS CIRCLE shall not recognize age, work-experience and trainings attended by the Members.

The reputation of TRAINERS CIRCLE would be less affected for programs conducted for public / schools / colleges.  If someone has expertise in terms of knowledge in a particular Vertical, the soft-skills-expertise requirement is lesser (from the view of reputation ofTRAINERS CIRCLE being affected).

The reputation of TRAINERS CIRCLE is at stake in the Corporate Segment and the levels have been suggested based on the level of participants addressed.

TRAINERS CIRCLE shall Certify Trainers only if they are Members.

For becoming a Member in TRAINERS CIRCLE, an existing Member has to recommend and all Members shall be bound by the Trainers-Circle-Pledge.

Any Member of TRAINERS CIRCLE could apply and get the Certification as per the Certification Grid below:


TRAINERS CIRCLE shall conduct TTT (Training The Trainers) courses now and then.  These shall be full-fledged courses and the investment includes the charges for the Trainer / Training material / Video-shoot / Venue / Food etc.

Any Member who would like to upgrade the Certification Level could meet the criteria and pay the difference in the Investments.

Accelerated Programs: Experienced Trainers who do not want to attend a formal course could conduct a brief training for the Members during the Monthly Meets.  After receiving feedback for improvement s/he shall issue a self-declaration on experience and expertise.  The Executive Committee shall consider, discuss and decide on issuing the Certification as per these Accelerated Programs and the Investment shall be at one-third of those mentioned above.

The Certificate shall mention (for example):

TRAINERS CIRCLE | Certified Professional Trainer | Level A

The Validity of all Certifications shall be for two years.  Renewal shall be done at 20% of the Investment indicated above. The names of TRAINERS CIRCLE Certified Professional Trainers under various Levels shall be made available in the website.

PG Diploma in professional training


To provide a certified Post Graduate Diploma course to Trainers / Aspiring Trainers in a manner the Participants would be able to train the TRAINERS CIRCLE way

Course Content:

  • Moving away from Telling / Advising / Sharing / Preaching / Evangelizing / Public-Speaking / Lecturing / Teaching to TRAINING / FACILITATION
  • Training Segments / Schools, Colleges, Corporates
  • Training Programs / Your core Areas
  • Selling Training / Selling techniques
  • Getting more training-business / Winning model
  • Case Study / Winning Proposals
  • Being Professional in Training / Consciously
  • Demonstrating humility / Always
  • Having Energy / Throughout
  • Case Studies / TNA Training Need Analysis
  • Presentation Skills / with video-capture and feedback
  • Case Studies / Ice Breakers
  • Objectives / Presenting or mapping
  • Planning the Structure / Different Structures
  • Customizing the Content / Minimum powerpoint-slides, animation, videos, pictures
  • Scripting / Rehearsing
  • Venue / Space Management
  • Case Studies / Perfecting the Take-Off
  • Adding Stories and Humour
  • Involving right Body Language
  • Optimizing Tonality / Movement
  • Building Rapport / NLP Techniques
  • Handling challenges / Situations and Participants
  • Delivering Interactively / More of ‘taking’ than ‘giving’
  • Case Study / Landing with Impact
  • Post Training / Follow-ups
  • Training Effectiveness / Measurement



The PG Dip in Prof Training offered by TRAINERS CIRCLE is the only course available in India that

  • Includes the Skills required for Selling their core Training-programs
  • Produces Trainers who can deliver world-class training-programs
  • Empowers Trainers to give more weightage to Training-methodology instead of just Training-content

Course Duration:

12 months from the date of joining.

Course Participants shall be admitted on the first of every month

  • The Course Participants get to attend (free) the Trainers Meet conducted monthly.
  • In addition, they shall attend one Contact Class per month compulsorily
  • Training content shall be made available every month for Practice at home, which shall be recorded and mailed to
  • After completion of 6 months, Course Participants shall get to attend live Training Programs conducted by Certified Trainers of TRAINERS CIRCLE
  • After completion of 9 months, Course Participants shall get to conduct small portions of live Training Programs conducted by Certified Trainers of TRAINERS CIRCLE
  • After completion of 12 months, Course Participants shall conduct an one-hour training-session in one of the Trainers Meet, sign the Pledge and qualify for the PG Diploma

Fast-Track Course:

6 months from the date of joining. Please contact TRAINERS CIRCLE for customized packages

Course Fees:

  • Rs19000 / payable in 2 instalments of Rs9500 before the start & before completion of 3 months
  • All Courses of TRAINERS CIRCLE are made available only to the Members
  • Course Fees do not include the Membership Fees


Please make an Online Transfer to TRAINERS CIRCLE

Indian Overseas Bank, 9, Natesan Road, Ashok Nagar, Chennai 600083

IFSC = IOBA0000463

Savings Account Number = 04630 200000 3235


TRAINERS CIRCLE is NOT an University and hence does not conduct Post Graduate Degrees TRAINERS CIRCLE conducts Certification programs

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